Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New School PR for Bloggers

Content Creation London held a great event this evening to celebrate Social Media Week and bring a bit of the ~*magic*~ to London.  A lot of the subject matter was incredible useful to me as a blogger as well as for my day job, so I thought I'd summarise a few key points.  Don't I spoil you!

So, in no particular order...
  1. Web 3.0 is beginning to demand authority as well as content. A bit like with old media, you'll need to have genuine profile and a track record attached to content for it to rank highly.  In practice at the moment, this means writers, bloggers and journalists need to pay a lot more attention to their Google+ profiles (here's mine; plus me!). One might well ask whether the whole next stage of the internet is an elaborate retribution from Google, wreaked on the world to pay them back for ignoring Google+.  I don't think so. Web 3.0 has many other useful features, such as new coding language so you can search for things like all red cars.  Apparently.
  2. Your overriding concern when creating content should not be whether your readers like it, but whether they will share with their friends. It needs a new angle, new information, new value or new opinions that are uniquely antagonising. Thanks to the internet, you can get information and news from ANYWHERE. To write about these things, you need to work out what your USP is.
  3. You are nothing until you have 1 million of something. Views, page impressions, whatever.
  4. Be on Twitter all the time.
  5. Blogging can segue into a career. Media outlets are moving online and they need fast, good writers who actually get the internet to take them there.

I hope that is interesting and maybe helpful. If you're London-based, it is definitely worth coming along to the next event.

It it wasn't helpful... here is a photo of my Lisa Stickley/ TATE bag. Good, isn't it?
Lisa Stickley designs beautiful textiles


  1. great *_* your blog looks very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. I think it can be a bit daunting to create a successful blog and you've certainly touched on a few areas where bloggers should focus on.

    I think it's always important to focus on the same keywords in your posts. These are what people are searching for in the search engines, and how they might find your blog. Some of these keywords get a lot more searches than others get, so it's in your best interest to eventually choose the ones that do get searched for often. Keep in mind that these are often more competitive than ones that are searched for less -- but you might get lucky.

    As you focus on these similar keywords the search engines will start to rank you more highly because your blog is tightly focused and relevant to what you're targeting.

    Blogging should always be fun for the writer, though, this much should always be apparent to the reader!


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